Monday, August 08, 2011

Tongue 'n Cheek for Summer 2011

Based on our week-long visit in late July, here are some updates to eating opportunities on Mount Desert Island:

Little Notch Bakery has opened a branch in Bar Harbor. Haven't tried it, but enjoy the pizza at the Southwest Harbor store.

Havana is every bit as good as in the past. No surprise Michelle and Obama at there during their Bar Harbor visit. It's always tempting to make a meal just of appetizers and first courses here.

Farmers Market in Bar Harbor going strong. I got there a few minutes before the "official" 9 a.m. opening and within half an hour the place was jammed. Sundays only.

XYZ Restaurant, the higher-end Mexican in Manet, still has tongue on the menu. This season there was a marinated lengua as an appetizer. Added to the mains this season is beef cheek. So, if you wish, you could have Tongue 'n Cheek.

Gone: House of Dogs in Southwest Harbor disappeared two years ago. It's been replaced by an expansion of the hardware store.

Bar Harbor Inn's Sunday brunch buffet is now only offered on the first Sunday of the month.

Thrumcap went under a few years ago. Not missed.

Ice cream. A great commercial ice cream is Gifford's of Skowhegan. Ocean Drive-In in Bar Harbor has discontinued it with a lesser brand. But you can still get Gifford's at the Quietside Cafe & Ice Cream Shop. In Bar Habor, Mount Desert Ice Cream makes a premium product, available at their two retail shops, one right on the village green.

Maine-ly Meat Barbeque. You don't come to Acadia for the barbeque, but this place does a nice job. Best yet, it's attached to the Atlantic Brewing Company near Town Hill, which makes quality beer.

Sips. This newish cafe in Southwest Harbor has only been around for a couple of years, and all I've tried is breakfast (blueberry pancakes, of course). But it looks promising.

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